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Why Open and Maintain an Account with Wager7 Online Sportsbook Offshore Sportsbook?

We Take Action On All Major Sports and Events! Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Horse Racing, Golf, Boxing, Tennis, Soccer, NASCAR / Auto Racing, Academy Awards, Reality Shows, and more...

- You are dealing with a five-star rated Offshore Sportsbook that has been operating legally & licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica since 1994.

- Your funds are 100% safe. Each and every account is insured through Licensed Trust Companies and Banking Institutions for up
to $100, 000.

- We pay the HIGHEST sign-up BONUSES of any five-star rated Offshore Sportsbook.

- We have professional English speaking clerks.

- We are fully computerized and all transactions are voice recorded for your protection.

- Never a busy signal.

- We accept all major credit cards.

- We accept bank wires, bank checks, certified checks.

- All Las Vegas rules prevail unless otherwise specified.


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